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Mother Please Do Not Watch This!

When things go wrong: An aspect of motorcycle travel we all have to deal with, things can go wrong. But in the end most of us rather live with that chance and live our lives, and if something happens better that something happened while having the time of our lives than a stroke while siting … Continue reading »

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New Journizer Episode!!!

Sometimes its takes awhile but they do still come out!!!! Watch the end to see where Patrick parked his bike!

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Newest Episode Out!

Hurray, at long last the latest episode of our trip to Turkey is out! Our editor moved, and then changed computers, and then it was Christmas, and now episode 8 is here! But that means he is back, and he is already pushing for the translation of episode 9, which is about half done. Looking … Continue reading »

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Journizer Episode 6 Is out

The newest podcast is out, with the bridge of death in it! I keep thinking these episodes get better and better every time, and you know that you are doing something right when you are jealous of yourself! it is also great fun (though admittedly a little embarrassing) to watch myself on the bike. Remember … Continue reading »

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Episode 4 Out!!

I told you it would be! Advice to newbies: Do not climb onto your bike while on a slanted surface and plant your foot down once you swing it over, your going to tip the bike and its going to go KERPLUNK. And it is just not going to look cool. especailly when you have … Continue reading »

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Is It Safe To Travel?

So though episode 4 is still being worked on (Andy does these in his free time) he did put together a special for us from some of the material that has been cut. This one is Patrick talking about how every place he went he was told that the next country was evil and bad. … Continue reading »

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New Episode Is Out!

They come out slower than anticipated, but Andy is doing such an awesome job no one cares! They take a lot longer than we think (the cutting is actually done way before the episode comes out – I know because Patrick and I translate them about 3 weeks before you see them). The hard part … Continue reading »

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Second Podcast Is Out

The second podcast is out and here: There was a delay in getting it out, but the third is already finished except for the subtitles and will be out next week. And as the next time teasers at the end reveal, it is the first episode where we are actually on the trip. As it … Continue reading »

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