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Mother Please Do Not Watch This!

Posted by on January 16, 2011

When things go wrong:

An aspect of motorcycle travel we all have to deal with, things can go wrong. But in the end most of us rather live with that chance and live our lives, and if something happens better that something happened while having the time of our lives than a stroke while siting in front of our laptop after 45 years of soul sucking work. But to each their own of course. 2 ride the world kept riding after their accident, they are now somewhere in Japan I believe!

And this is not a my way is better than your way. Please do not send me comments or emails about how fulfilling and blissful your job is. If so I congratulate you. The most important thing is to live life for yourself and not others. Until now nothing has fulfilled me like travel, and particularly motorcycle travel. Should I find something else makes me as happy I will pursue that with the same passion!

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    Thanks for posting. Ride safe everyone.

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